RAD Basic October 2023 Status

About last release

Our latest release has been met with resounding applause. However, some users have reported an issue: the interface sometimes separates project files and forms into different folders, and the compiler isn’t quite prepared for this. But fear not, we’re actively working on a fix to have it all sorted out in the upcoming version.

Development status

We don’t rest on our laurels! Following the release, we’ve been hard at work, adding features that didn’t quite make it into the last version due to stability concerns. What’s more, we’re thrilled to share that we’re currently in the process of implementing file input/output (I/O) support. I/O and user controls will be shining stars in the next release.

Patreon changes: Free Tier

Patreon has made an exciting change this October by introducing a “Free Tier.” This allows users to join our community and receive notifications about public posts without any cost.

Please note that “Free Tier” members won’t have access to the exclusive content available to “Paid Members,” such as early access to RAD Basic versions and exclusive posts. We invite everyone to become a part of our project by making a contribution to accelerate its development even further.

Next beta release date

We’re eager to shorten the cycles for early access releases of RAD Basic. While there are internal changes that necessitate longer development cycles, expanding our core allows us to introduce smaller features more rapidly and develop more complex features in parallel branches for eventual merging into the development branch when they’re ready.

With that in mind, we intend to release the next version in the third week of November. This move is part of our efforts to transition to a monthly release cycle, making our software even more accessible and up-to-date for our users. Don’t miss out!

That’s all for this status report!

Thanks for your support and your commitment on this project!