Major Updates to website: After long time, major updates to website!

It has been a long time since the last update of the website. Although, there were news published in twitter/facebbok and new videos on youtube, it was needed to update the website for sharing new information.

Videos and demos

Please, visit youtube for demos about what was developed until now. Recent videos:

Object Explorer. Exploring OCX and COM objects

Introducing SOJO library

Basic Calculator Sample

Roadmap and FAQ

Many of you are wondering about when there will be a public downloadable version. Please, refer to new published roadmap and FAQs sections. It was a long way, but soon you could try it and help in the development and testing.

Editions and shipped components

It is important in any project to define its scope. So, you could review RAD Basic editions which will be available and what components will be shipped.


As this major website update, preparing Kickstarter campaign too. As it is presented in roadmap, the Kickstarter campaign will be launched on this March. Hope to get funded and accelerate a lot the development of the project!!


Yup! Due to lack of time the updates are went only in social media! But I’m preparing the first newsletter, so if you subscribed your email, you will hear from RAD Basic very soon!


Core features are developed and RBC (RAD Basic Compiler) could compile some small application test. It has support for basic flow structures (IF, WHILE), method calls, variable declaration and some basic math operation. The Runtime Library have some basic components and functions.

About COM/OCX: at this moment there is only support for using them, it can’t compile OCX yet. But, planned to finish an initial implementation for first public alpha release in May.