First week of campaign is over: Limited discount!

First week is over! Kickstarter campaign don’t stop, but it slowed down a bit. We need you! If you like the project, please back this project! And share it with friends, family, coworkers and co.

New reward!

For hesitant, just launched a new reward: RAD Basic Community Early Access. For 30 EUR/36 USD you will have:

  • RAD Basic Community
  • Early access to beta versions during development
  • 50% discount for acquiring RAD Basic Standard License

Doubts about platform and backing

For people who have doubts with platform:

  • When you back the project, there is no charge, you only notify your payment information.
  • If the project is successfully funded (sure it will be!), then Kickstarter will charge your pledge with payment information saved previously.
  • If the project isn’t successfully funded in time (no, it won’t happen!) then there won’t be any charge.

More info:

So, no wait more! RAD Basic needs you. Be part of this growth community!

Updated sections of Kickstarter page

Improved project page with: new “testimonials” section (it will be added more testimonials later), new “why” section and link to website.

Check Kickstarter page for review news and discounts!